Upgraded from LE 5 to Elements 10.5, any way of "downgrading" to LE 8 or higher?

I had been using Cubase LE 5 for years, I just bought Cubase Elements 10.5 (after upgrading to Windows 10) using the “Upgrade from Cubase LE 4 (or higher)” option costing €49,99.

In the process of installation and updating the license my old license for Cubase LE 5 was converted to a Cubase Elements license in the eLicenser Control Center. Is there any way of using this new license for Elements to install Cubase LE 8 or higher if I end up not liking Elements? If not what options do I have for getting LE 8 or higher for Windows 10?

Hi and welcome,

With Cubase Elements license you can start Cubase LE.

Cubase Elements behaves the very same way as Cubase LE. You will just get more features.

Thanks man! I’m starting to like Elements so I will keep working with it for now.