Upgraded from Pro 10.5 to 12. Now my license is expired

Please how I fix this. sometimes is activated, sometimes is expired. Looks like a bug.

Please make sure that the Steinberg Activation Manager is updated to 1.4.0. It’s automatically updated when you run the Steinberg Download Assistant.

Then follow these steps to verify the license for your Cubase update:

Thanks for the reply.

I’m trying the solution and when accessing the Steinberg Download Assistant I’m getting this error.

The date/time of my computer is fine.

I noticed if I let Windows automatically set my computer timezone it solves the problem. But, it doesn’t set the time right (ignores my country specific time changes)

This is exactly what I was about to post, but it just seemed too far out to be true. Some database somewhere has a wrong entry about Chile Summer Time.

This would not be something Steinberg controls, the app probably makes a query to what ought to be an authoritative server – but it gets an incorrect answer. (my own reflections here)

Ok, thanks for you help!