Upgraded license question

So I recently purchased the Cubase 9 Pro upgrade from Cubase 5. I notice that my license for Cubase 5 is no longer on my eLicenser, but this other entry for “All applications” is, and even though it tells me I have a couple hours remaining, it has told me that for several days.

My questions are: will I now not be able to open Cubase 5 at some point? Right now I appear to still be able to but I’m guessing that this is because I have an “all applications” license, similar to what they give you in the “zero down time” if you lose or break your licenser. Or will this “all apps” license cover me forever? I don’t like the idea of not being able to open old projects in Cubase 5 if necessary in case there are aspects of the settings or plugins no longer supported that I need to resurrect a project.

Of course, the follow up question, if that’s the case, is what is stopping me from running any of the other applications I don’t own on that “all applications” license? I’m not planning on doing this, but it seems a little weird that they didn’t just 1. check and verify that yes, I had an existing Cubase 5 license for which I purchased an upgrade, and then create a new license for Cubase 9, keeping both intact, rather than obliterating one and then giving me what appears to be a free pass to programs I don’t own.

Your Cubase Pro 9 license permanently covers all Cubase versions starting with Cubase SX 1 (2002).

The All Applications license exists so you can use Cubase and other Steinberg plugins for a few days in case you don’t have an internet connection, which is required to activate the license. (This is ONLY required for activation and upgrading, you’ll never have to connect to the internet to use anything that’s already activated.)

Thank you! That makes sense and is very helpful.