upgraded my HW - "no valid license" ?

i just upgraded my hardware to new motherboard/CPU/memory now i get a “no license found”… (didn’t reinstall the OS), been struggling with this for an hour…

Do i need to register all my cubase versions again or something, should i remove the old cubase 8 registration that i see is registered online? Unfortunately i can’t seem to find Elements 6 (online buy, ages ago now), which was the first i got, i can find the two upgrade license numbers for it to cubase 8 pro. isnt cubase elements 6 registeration info saved on the USB-stick (what is it for otherwise)?

any help would be great. thanks

Just try and re-install the elicenser software. Sometimes OS updates take privileges away from some software/hardware things.

ah, yes i actually just tried that and now it works! puh… thanks though!

(searched through old posts i had made, and this happened once before - when installing windows 10, years ago now heh)