Upgraded to 11.0.10. Can't change metering colors anymore... :(

I am on mojave 14.6 running Nuendo 11.0.10 on Mac minim2018 with BM eGPU pro

Stuck on channel meters +3 digital., I can change the colours for the +3 digital and that works.

I can change the colours for the other meters but I cannot change to any other channel meter display as when pressing “apply” it does not change to K14 for example.

Also when I reverted back to Nuendo 11.0 the meter problem was the same. So I have gone back to 11.0.10 as hopefully there is some improvement as it was a maintenance fix.
However we still can not delete the songs in the “hub” list. Hope tat gets fixed soon too.

I can neither change the colors nor change to any other channel meter display.
Major frustration since I use metering a lot in my workflow. :see_no_evil:

Go into preferences metre appearance section. And change colours by clicking on the thin small boxes on the side of the metre.

Hahaha, I have done that a thousand times before.
I have had my own meter colors defined since v10.
Even if I edit the colors and save a preset it doesn’t matter if I apply, it just won’t work anymore.
Broken for me since 11.0.10.

It is the same for me. Frustrating.


@Magnus_N et al… Can you please note in your forum profile which platform you’re on, or at least mention it in your post?

Win 10.


Are you saying you could change the channel meters to K14, +6, etc previously?

I can change the colors on the mix console but it seems like, the selection for channel meter and master meter is gone… All the colors are ok on my mix console but the mastering one remains stock.

Is this now a recognised bug? Could a moderator please confirm?


Yes I could change channel meters previously to different types.
I made my own colour template for different levels and was using the standard digital meter. Been using this combo for a few years.

Now I am stuck on digital +3 which has thrown things out for me, since this.11.0.10 release.

Same issue. Win 10.