Upgraded to 11 - lost complete studio set-up

Upgraded to 11. That in itself was a long, arduous process and now I’ve found that nothing has been carried over from 10. Key commands to I/O assignments, colors, window arrangements. EVERYTHING IS GONE!

Please let me know if I am overlooking something simple. Do I really need to set-up my Nuendo studio from scratch? I’m familiar with moving over individual preferences such as key commands, etc. But so much is lost I foresee restoring my DAW workflow taking hours. (Have tried the profile manager already.) Any advice welcome for a streamlined transfer of settings, as I’ve already spent nearly two hours in the purchase and upgrade process already. Thanks.

UPDATE: I did spend an hour going through, locating and manually copying over presets files, but not everything works. For example, custom meter colors don’t load, etc.

UPDATE 2: Looks like I’m not alone. I’m experiencing same issues as in this latest Cubase upgrade thread: Upgraded to 11.0.10. Can't change metering colors anymore... :( - #29 by SteveHelstrip

UPDATE 3: Trashing Nuendo 11 preferences seems to have helped. Nevertheless, this has been the most tumultuous software update I’ve ever had to endure…

PS. On Mac 5,1 OS 10.14. Using Apple-recommended RX560 for Metal compatibility.

Okay - went back to Nuendo 10 so I could work on a project and my UI is all screwy. See image attached with transparent faders. Markers in the marker track are transparent (black text only). Lots more…

UPDATE: Trashed preferences, re-stored preferences from a past system backup and things seem to be back to normal in 10.2.

Screen Shot 2021-01-28 at 10.40.43 PM

Same issue here on Windows. I installed N11 and now it is like starting over as if I’d never used Nuendo - it didn’t pick up anything from my N10.3 installation. Although, I don’t get any corruption in N10.3 so far. :crossed_fingers:

Not really sure the best way to migrate all the settings over. Is this normal? Seems odd that no one else has mentioned it. I can’t imagine pasting all the N10 prefs folder into it would be good, but WTH - might be worth a shot.

I just tired the seemingly cavalier idea to copy all the prefs folder from N10.3 over in the N11 folder, C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Nuendo 11_64.

Seems to have worked as best I can tell :open_mouth: Didn’t feel good though! :flushed: