Upgraded to 6.0.7 and want to roll back

Hi all

I recently upgraded to 6.0.7 and now am crashing a fair bit.

Is it possible to roll back to an earlier more stable version?

Thanks for any help,

Ok I rolled back using the by going to the control panel > programs > view updates > selected the 6.0.7 and uninstalled.

Now I am 6.0.5 again but and still experiencing crashes.

When I am mixing down a session to a audio file (exporting a song).

It has been freezing the computer. Then when I hit control-alt-delete it states “Preparing Security Options”

Anybody know what the message means or what might have happened to my once solid version of cubase?

just curious, what kind of file export are you doing? exporting the main out? how many tracks?

just one more comment, you may need to select “realtime export” option if you have a lot of VSTis going on.

I’m exporting the main out. 20 or tracks or so VSTis too.

I’m never had a problem doing this before with much more stuff going on.

Funny thing is that sometimes the export is working.

What about your video card driver?

What about my video card?

I think I found the problem.

I just ran Microsoft security essentials and found a malicious trojan.

Removed and today has been crash free! :smiley: