Upgraded to 9 last week, now 9.5 is out??

Hello there,

I bought an upgrade from 8.5 to 9 last week. Now I see 9.5 is out. Is there some kind of “grace period” for me?
Did I make a mistake upgrading to 9 from 8.5? The 8.5->9->9.5 upgrade path, is it gonna cost like 8.5->9.5 straight?

Thanks, I hope I didn’t do something silly.

Grace period from October 18, 2017.


Thanks @Mrhehon!
I’ll only be back at my home by the middle of next week, the grace period should still be valid by then, right? I’ll have to do some magic otherwise.

I purchased upgrade from 8.5 to 9 the day before release of 9.5. I was able to jump on to 9.5 with no further cost. Made it excellent value.

Your grace period eligibility won’t expire – everybody who bought a license during the grace period and is now eligible for the free upgrade, will stay being eligible until performing the free upgrade.

So there’s no hurry at all. Just run eLicenser Control Center whenever your up to it, and let it upgrade your license.

Ok, awesome, thanks for the info friends.