Upgraded to C8....lost sync with SoundCloud >:P

Exporting to my Soundcloud puts me in an endless loop and won’t connect. It prompts for my username/password (per usual) but when I hit OK, it only opens another Chrome tab that asks for my username/password again…and again…and again.

GAAAA!!! Tips on how to resync?

Thx!! :slight_smile:


same here. This should be logged as an issue report. Maybe the problem is only with Chrome, since it’s also my default browser and pops up automatically for me as well.

Was hoping that 8.0.5 would resolve this…but NOPE.

Problem persists…:imp:


This also occurs in Wavelab, btw - I think SB products are using an outdated link for entry into Soundcloud.

Just tried to log it as an issue and it was REJECTED by a Steinberg mod/admin! Any idea why?


This is the first time I’ve tried to submit an error report…

Don’t know for sure, but SB is pretty strict around how you format a cubase issue post; check the sticky in that forum, if you haven’t already. Btw - I did post this in the Wavelab forum ( a much looser place, btw :sunglasses: ), here’s the link :


Hey guys,

I can confirm this issue. Our devs are working on it. It won’t probably make it to the next update though, but it is definitely in our to do list!

All the best

I’ve actually had this problem since 7.5…

On a good note, I’m glad that C8 can at least still OPEN Soundcloud in my browser lol.

From there I just click “upload” and navigate to the file I just created. It’s a couple of extra steps but not too drastic.

Would be nice to get it fully fixed though :slight_smile:

Yup me too! http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=233&t=74717&p=443673#p443673

Glad it is in the fix list, I really look forward to this being fixed since I upload to SoundCloud frequently every week.

So sad, it didn’t make it on the 8.0.20 list but at least we have Toggle Standard Section working for all track types working again and the listen key command working in the Project page as well as automation buffer all good things.

BON-8114 Using the “Upload to SoundCloud” option from the Audio Mixdown function results in an endless loop trying to log-in into the SoundCloud account. We are investigating a solution. As a workaround export your audio mixdown to your local computer, then upload it from there to SoundCloud manually.


Yeah two updates later and nothing…pretty much used to NOT having this feature already. I’m sure Steinberg still touts this feature on all of the C8 marketing material though.

Gotta ask u skillet, what is “toggle standard section” anyways?

Toggle Standard Section allows you to toggle open/closed in the project inspector the top section (level, pan, I/O etc depending on track type of course).

This stinks SoundCloud export still not fixed in 8.0.30, I just upgraded to Nuendo 7.0.30 and no luck there either. Seems like they should just remove it, if they know it doesn’t work and put it back in when they know it works. Works fine with Logic and Pro Tools uploading to SoundCloud account. I have contacted SoundCloud and they point to Steinberg.