Upgraded to Cubase 10 Pro

Just upgraded to Cubase 10 Pro. I have a couple of concerns.

Is the startup screen supposed to look just gray with printing, no image and on the project screen “Project Location” is truncated to “Project Locati”?

In addition when I hit the “create” button I am taken directly inside my default folder with no option to create a new folder.

This behavior is different for me from 9.5. Any advice or observations appreciated! Thanks.

(no attached images)

  1. No attachment?
  2. The truncated word is documented
  3. The “New folder” button is there but relocated near the top (this one faked me out too).

Regards. :sunglasses:

Thanks, Prock! I finally found the “New Folder” button!

Sorry about skipping the attachments. Had no way to upload/host them.

My Cubase 10 Startup image is just gray with printing - no background or anything. Just trying to verify that that is correct.

Many thanks!

The OP of this topic figured out where the start screen pics are located. Check it out. They should be printed with the CB version, etc.


Regards. :sunglasses:

Thanks, Prock!