Upgraded to Cubase 11 pro but it refuses to activate (NEED HELP)


I previously had Cubase 8 AI registered both in usb e-licenser and soft e-licenser form. I paid to upgrade to Cubase 11 pro. Everything downloaded fine and I updated licenser control center. When I enter the Cubase 11 activation code, it shows up fine. Then I press “continue” and it doesn’t let me select either the usb or soft e-licenser to upgrade. It says that no upgradable license exists, which is simply not true. I’m about to pull my hair out. Any help would be much appreciated.

It would be one or the other, not both

Also, the license would have to have been already moved to the USB key in order to apply the new license.

A common cause of this has been the user buying the wrong update, so that might be worth checking into as well.

i did end up buying the wrong update. thank you!

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