Upgraded to cubase 13 now dongle not recognised on windows xp cubase 6.5

Hello. hoping one can assist.
I was running cubase 6.5 on old windows xp (a lot of unfinished projects there) and also had cubase 11 on a new windows laptop all working ok with the usb dongle.

I just updated the new pc to cubase 13 and now cubase 6.5 wont open as it sees nolicence.

I cant connect to the internet with the windows Xp system. can anyboday assist ?

many thanks

Can you post a screenshot of your eLicenser Window showing the licenses’ current state.

Have you considered moving your Projects to the other PC & converting them to Cubase 13? Also I’d expect you can run Cubase 6.5 on your new computer. I’m on Windows 11 and have most of the versions between Cubase 7.5 & 13 installed just fine.


Make sure, the eLCC License Database is up to date on your old computer, please.

Hi Martin thank you for your reply. I now recall something in the past that I had to copy eLD folder from a newer pc and past it into my XP’s eld folder but I
dont know where to find this in windows 11.

any help appreciated. thanks

Hi Raino, thanks for reply. I have been delaying in doing so as I have some legacy hardware that Im reticent at the moment to try and upgrade and go through that learning curve as well as expense .
where do i paste the screen shot? do you need the licencer numbers or just the licenses part?


Does this article help?

Hello Martin,

Yes it did!

Many thanks for your assistance as well as to Raino.

cheers Emmanuel

Just ctrl+v while typing up your post & it will paste it at the cursor.

Hide/blur the numbers, just want to see what it thinks the status is.

Hi Raino,
Apologies for late reply. By updating the eld file from the download link the other gentleman provided into my xp’s folder it sorted the issue out. So now I can use both cubase 13 and use my old.pc to finish projects there.
Thanks again for assistance.