Upgraded to Cubase 13 Pro from Cubase 12 Pro, was charged, but didn't receive invoice or Access Code

Hi all,

I experienced a very strange bug…

I upgraded from Cubase 12 Pro to Cubase 13 Pro, as I usually do, but this time I never received an e-mail from Steinberg like I usually do, nor did I receive an e-mail from FastSpring like the help page suggests.

I reached out to FastSpring, they said they don’t see the charge and advised me to reach out to Steinberg. I reached out to Steinberg, they asked me to contact FastSpring. Now I’m stuck in a dead loop.

What’s strange is I don’t even see Cubase 13 in my soft license tab under My Products… I only see Cubase 12.

I can see the charge on my card, but for some reason the order didn’t register…

What do I do please?

This is not customer service, obviously. But you’ll have to prove your claim to someone because making a public statement about it will not hold up in court.

Good luck.

Thanks for your response. I’m trying to find out who that someone is!

I would get in touch with the credit card company to have the charge reversed.

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FastSpring are the ones that took the money and charged the card, not Steinberg. They’re just trying to pass the blame heh. If they cant see the charge on their end, I’d call your bank and put a stop to that charge right away. If your card was charged, FastSpring is going to get it, whether they have your order or not.

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That’s good advise. Thank you!