Upgraded to Cubase 5.5.2 And Now It Won't Even Open

Ahh! New user, just got Cubase 5, and downloaded the update to 5.5.2 from the Steinberg website and now Cubase won’t even open…any ideas? It opens to the Cubase initializing eLC section and just sits there indefinately. Dongle is in. Lost and frustrated.

Same here. Upgrading to 5.5.3 didn’t help either. Have also tried different USB-ports, installing latest eLC drivers.


I think you need to update the eLincenser software.

Same prob here, but loading Cubase stops launching at the point “Video file handling” and then shuts down the launch. Any ideas? Updating eLC software didn’t help.

Suddenly I got past the eLC, but now Cubase, along with the entire computer hangs when trying to initialize all midi inputs.

However, if I unplug the Virus TI, everything is fine. Seems to be a conflict between USB ports or something.

Anyone has any ideas? Would be highly appreciated.