Upgraded to Cubase 7.5 but it says Cubase 7.0.5

I just upgraded to Cubsase 7.5 from Cubase 7.0 (I cannot remember which exact version it may have been 7.0.4).

I have noticed that when I start i up it says Cubase 7.0.5. Should this not say Cubase 7.5? Have I done something wrong?

I am using a Mac. There were two download files

  • Cubase 7.5_Update_Installer_mac.dmg (Start Center file and a folder called Cubase 7 for Mac OS)
  • Halion_Sonic_SE_Installer_mac.dmg (HAlion Sonic SE.pkg and a folder called Additional Content)

I simply double clicked on the Start Centre file and installed and then the HAlion Sonic SE.pkg folder. It looked as though it all went well. But should it not now say Cubase 7.5?



when updating to 7.5, Cubase 7 is not removed and it is accessible from your Mac. See in your application folder whether Cubase 7.5 is there. I think you are using an alias, pointing to Cubase 7, to launch Cubase and that’s why you still see Cubase 7.

Yes I see both of them 7.5 and 7.

What do I do now?



It is not a problem to have both on your computer, they can co-exist.

Create a shortcut for Cubase 7.5, then you can open either.

If you don’t need Cubase 7, uninstall it.

Good luck.


Just sayin…
Be careful uninstalling CB7 after upgrading to CB7.5. I’ve seen other posts on our forum where it is reported that some inserts/effects are lost after deleting the older version. Apparently the fix for this is to do a full reinstall of CB7.5. I would keep them both. Good luck


You need to rename the application in 7.06 to cubase 7.06 hidden. Right click on a current file and open with the cubase application in the 7.5 folder. That way all your projects open in 7.5.

Keep the old version for at least 6 months for safety and also you get more bugs fixed in the older version for some time after. I doubt anyone has got to know C7.5 totally yet.