Upgraded to Cubase 8 Can I remove 7?


I recently purchased the discounted Upgrade to Cubase 8 from 7. I thought it would remove the old version but now I have 7 and 7. Will 8 function without 7?

Yes. They are independent.

I would leave it until you are certain that 8 works for you. Just make sure that you don’t get rid of shared content as the update 8 does not have much of the content in it’s own installer.

Dear all,

I finally bought the upgrade from my Cubase 7 version to Cubase 8 and experienced the same behavior. I will indeed keep version 7 until I’m sure everything works fine with the new one !

Thank you for your advice.


I keep all my old versions. Then you know you can open old projects. Plugins change, get dropped… I also make a copy of each version’s VST3 user preset folder, just in case…