Upgraded to Cubase 8 Pro from Cubase 7

Hi Guys

I upgraded from Cubase 7 to Cubase 8 pro today and I was wondering do I need to install Cubase 7 again and then run the installation file (3.8GB)? Or Do I just do a clean install of Cubase 8 Pro?
My eLicenser currently has Cubase 7 registered on it ( i have had this eLicenser since Cubase 5)
I have built a new Computer so I have no Cubase installations yet.

Any information appreciated.


You don’t need to install Cubase 7 unless you want to use it. The upgrade actually happens in eLicenser Control Center, when you type in the upgrade activation code. It will upgrade the license on the dongle and is actually a process which is independent of the Cubase program itself. If you don’t plan to use Cubase 7, you can just run the Cubase 8 Pro installer after (or before) the license upgrade process.

thanks for that info chum. Much appreciated