Upgraded to Cubase Pro 8 from Artist 8 but no install?

Hey, this is probably a really stupid question but I just upgraded to Pro 8 from Artist 8 and while the activation worked and Cubase Pro 8 loads, I noticed there was no installation process. Looking at the comparison between the 2 versions, it seems there is a lot of additional content in Pro 8 and the fact that there was no installation process seems odd.

The reason I ask is because I originally upgraded to Artist 8 from Artist 7.5 a while back, and when I did the upgrade it turned out that I was missing content and Steinberg VSTs that I had to go back and reinstall manually. I didn’t even realize at first, so now I’m just wondering if this may have happened again with my latest upgrade.

Is there anything I can check to make sure all the Cubase Pro 8 content is there i.e., a sample instrument or preset that’s only available in Pro 8, etc.



That’s OK. Cunase Pro and Cubase Artis shared the same installator.

Can anyone name a sample, preset, or VST effect that only exists in Cubase Pro 8 just to confirm?


Here is the whole list.