Upgraded to Elements 9.5 but saying LE AI Elements?!?

Hey guys, kind of a newb here. I’m attempting to upgrade from Cubase 5 LE to elememts 9.5 full version. I purchased the upgrade, (about half price 49.99) today and downloaded what said was Cubase elememts 9.5 However, I just installed and it’s saying it is Cubase LE AI Elements. I’m wondering why it’s saying this when the download was for the full version. I had an option to upgrade to 9 LE for $9.99… thats not what I paid for!

It’s the same program file, and it morphs itself based on the license you have on your hard drive or USB key. If you open the Elicenser Control Center while the program is running you can see a bit more info.

Steve, thanks for the quick reply and info!