Upgraded to pro 9.5 and got Elements free

i have a question about when I upgraded from cubase LE 9 to Pro 9.5.
after I install pro 9.5 I went into LE and it changed to elements.

Does this mean I have elements too?

Do you have the pro license attached when you open elements? If so, that is probably why. The real way to check is to see what actual licenses you have on the eLicenser (soft and USB).

Yeah I have a elicenser with pro on it, I just thought it was weird that it updated my LE to elements as well.

Unplug the Usb eLicenser and start LE. It will probably start as LE or maybe not at all depending on whether you still have an LE license on the soft eLicenser. LE, AI, and Elements are all actually the same program. When it starts, it looks at the license available and starts as the “highest” version authorized (Elements in this case since you have a Pro license).