Upgraded to VST Live Pro 2 but license to V1 is gone

I just upgraded from VST Live Pro 1 to VST Live Pro 2.
Then I went to run VST Live Pro 1 to see where I stopped there but it said I don’t have a license for it anymore. The Steinberg Activation Manager says I have an expired trial version. So, I cannot even enter VST Live Pro 1 at all.
Is this a mistake? An error? I mean, I surely will be using V2 but I would like to have both to ensure a smooth transition.
Any help is welcome.

Did you enter the download access code that you got in email when you purchased?
Do you have an activated VST Live Pro 2 license?

Hi, MrSoundman!
Thanks for replying. I have entered the code for V2 successfully and it activated V2 just fine. But V1 is gone. Is that how it is supposed to work? Do you lose your V1 license when you upgrade to V2?

The V1 license is not lost, it has been converted into a V2 license.

@MrSoundman is correct. If you have bought the Update to Version 2, Version 1 will be converted. But you can run Version 1 with Version 2.

See you,

Hi, @Spork. Thank for your reply. I am sorry for my delay in replying.
Please, you said I can run Version 1 with Version 2. You mean I can run the “sessions” of Version 1 in Version 2? Because Version 1 will not start anymore. Is it correct?

… hold on. You can start VST Live 2, right? But you cannot start VST Live 1? That’s true?

Can you please create a screenshot of your licenses and send it to me? PM. Then also create a “Diagnostic Report” in the “Steinberg Activation Manager”.

Thank you,

@Spork, thanks again.
I just went on once again to try and start VST Live 1 and this time it DID pass the Checking licenses step - it wasn’t passing it before and that was what motivated my OP. However, something apparently changed in the license server that corrected the issue: VST Live 2 license wasn’t authorizing VST Live 1. But now it is fixed.

Out of curiosity, do you know if it was fixed after the OP? Other than that, this thread can be closed since there is no problem anymore.

Thank you so much, @Spork