Upgraded via pay pal

Upgraded to pro from artist 9.5.
Paid via pay pal I am aware that it could take a few days.but I have already received activation code.
Seeing as this is an upgrade should I wait for the download to be available in my account.or download via the cubase download assistant?
Via the assistant it’s a big file when I already have most of it already?

I dont think you have to download,
They both share the same installer files

You may be missing some content but the executable file is indeed the same.

So how should I proceed? What shall I do?

What content could I be missing?

The missing content will be various VSTs and plugins. All the features of the program itself that are present in Pro will not be missing, just some add-ons.

If it were me I’d upgrade the license and launch Cubase. It will then launch as Pro rather than Artist. To get the missing content you will have to download at some point, however.

Ok thankyou Nic. I will try that.
Or should I maybe download the whole programme from the cubase installer to get the missing content?

Yes, it’s your choice of course but there’s no harm done by launching without the download.

You wouldn’t be missing anything.
As said the installer is the same and so everything you need for Pro is already installed.

Activating the license will make that content and those additional features available.

Oops…managed to quote myself somehow!

Thankyou all