Upgrades for the VST content packs

The new pack “Absolute VST Instrument Collection” looks pretty cool. I noticed that one of the things that has happened recently is that the VST content sets “Dark Planet”, “Triebwerk” and “Hypnotic Dance” have gotten standalone VST / AU plugins.

Seing as i already own Padshop Pro, Retrologue, and the latter two above mentioned VST content sets, i’m probably not going to purchase the entire new pack, but what i DO want to know is if we’ll see an upgrade or if we can somehow download the new standalone plugins for the content sets. That would totally rock! (And probably motivate me to purchase the “Dark Planet” instrument pack :wink: )

Thanks for your time

David L

I want to know that too. Cause I’ve Halion Sonic and Cubase 6.5…

Dear David L and Sonik,

yes, there will be updates available soon for current customers.


Ok, thanks

Wohoo, that’s awesome :smiley:

Thanks :slight_smile: