If you are a US customer and buy your upgrade from Thomman or other EU reseller…are there any things you should know ??and how do you do the hardware key…???Do you just buy one from Steinberg separately…???
also can you have Omnisphere ,can you load their key onto the USB key from Steinberg??? and even additional keys in the future too…?


I don’t see any reason to buy it from Thomman, to be honest. You can buy it directly from Steinberg shop. The update is completely digital (from Steinberg shop), so you will receive just the Download Access Code. Then you can download Cubase by using Steinberg Download Assistant.

No need of any physical post or to be aware of something.

Yes, you have to buy the USB-eLicenser separately. Of course, this is cheaper to buy it by your local store, you will not pay for the shipping then.

No, this is other key named iLok. But there are some companies using USB-eLicenser, like Vienna Symphonic Orchestra, Arturia (at least in the past, I don’t know, if it’s still the case), Korg…

the reason might be that Steinberg is way more expensive… anyway ,having 2 different USB copy protects using 2 USB ports is excessive…
don’t you think???


I don’t think so. There are 2 competitors. Cubase was using a hardware dongle on Atari already. I doubt iLok is older…

Sure, Thomann very often is cheaper. This is how I got my Cubase pro, I bought an upgrade from Cubase AI for some 290 USD, and this offer was not present in the Steinberg website. If you buy from Thomann the physical product, you will receive a box with the license and also the USB key in most cases, it is written in the description of the product if it’s comprised. In such case you don’t have to buy anything else from Steinberg directly

as for the 2 USB is not that big problem, there are very cheap multiport adapters