Upgrading 6.5 to 10 new pc

Hi I hope I am not feasting a question already answered previously and if so I am sorry.

I own a Full Box Install for Cubase 5. I also own an Update Box to Cubase 6.5.

If I purchased the update to Cubase 10, can I just install Cubase 10 on my new PC without having to first install versions 5 and 6.5, or do I have to first load Version 5, then upgrade 6.5 then finally Version 10 please?

I would hope I can just load the Update to Version 10 and my USB licensed will identify that I do hold the full licence already for 5 and 6.5.

Any assistance appreciated thank you.


You can download just Cubase 10, Steinberg have a download manager now which will do the job mostly. Then there’s the ELicenser Control Centre where you have to upgrade your existing license to a C10 license with the license download code you’ve received. It’s pretty self explanatory.