Upgrading an old eLicenser to C11 Pro but waiting to activate C13 Pro

Hi all. Is it possible for me to buy a C13 Pro upgrade and therefore upgrade my C8 Artist on my eLicenser (USB dongle) to C11 Pro but wait with the activation of C13 Pro (new Steinberg license system), probably long enough to get a grace period for C14 Pro?

Sorry, if the question seems silly. I never tried upgrading an old license to a new one, so I am not sure how it works. I only know what I have gathered from these forums and from Google.

No, that’s not possible. When you buy an upgrade from C8 Artist to C13 Pro, you get a code that updates the license on the eLicenser to C11 Pro, marks it as no longer updatable, and adds a new C13 Pro license to your MySteinberg account. It’s one process that can’t be split.
You could keep the code and redeem it later in the future but since Cubase 14 hasn’t been announced yet, it might be released after the shutdown of the eLicenser system. Then you’ll no longer be able to upgrade your C8 license.


Perfect answer. Thanks for your help.

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