Upgrading and Licensing

Good afternoon,

I had to come to the forum as I’ve raised a ticket & it’s been outstanding with no response for a week.
I recently upgrade from Cubase Artist to Cubase Pro (Hurray for special offers).

I tried multiple times with no success to use the activation code, then however i noticed the activation code I had been given was for a MAC version rather than the WINDOWS version i’d asked for.

This looks like a fairly straight forward issue, yet no one has responded in a Week.

Is this a normal state of affairs for Steinberg ?

Many Thanks

There is no Mac or windows version for the activation code. An activation code is an activation code and is valid for any platform. Maybe try with telling them what the problem is, not with telling what you think is the solution.

hmm Looks like the following has happened

I purchased Cubase Artist 10 Last Year as an upgrade from Elements 22/05/2019
I upgraded from Artist 10 to Cubase Pro 10.5 on the 20/04/2020


I installed the Artist upgrade (ten days ago), it must have been in the grace period so it upgraded to 10.5 for free.
Now when i use the activation for the upgrade from Artist 10 to Pro 10.5 it doesn’t work because I am already on Artist 10.5

Now that makes sense…

I paid £169 for the upgrade when I should have paid £128, but tbh I just want it resolved.

Then you Need to contact the shop you bought from. If you bought from the Steinberg page, the shop is “Nexway”, but that should all be mentioned in the mail you got, when you bought.

Indeed, it’s the shop you need to contact.
They wouldn’t have known that you’d had a free upgrade or that you had had essentially bought the wrong (more expensive) upgrade.

I don’t care about the money, but thanks I will try the shop instead.
I didn’t buy the incorrect upgrade.

I bought elements to Artist 10 Upgrade, then Artist 10 to Pro 10.5 license.
I didn’t know it was going to throw a spanner in the works by automatically updating from 10 to 10.5

It seems to have been a perfectly logical and understandable move on your part but it’s the wrong upgrade for your current license (that’s why it doesn’t work) and you bought it.

yep, i hope the shop can decipher it.

The shop have now resolved my Upgrade issue.

They cancelled my Cubase Pro Upgrade at £169, it should have cost £128 now it’s going to Cost £214

what a result…

Still the good news is I sent an Email to Steinberg letting them know & they acknowledged it straight away, which I thought was a positive step.

Then i realized that meant it had just raised another ticket to just sit there unread until in 6 billion years when the sun goes super Nova and all Steinberg’s unread tickets are erased.

Just to Clarify.

Ed Doll picked up all my concerns & has resolved the issue I had, exactly as I hoped.

Faith Restored.

Thanks ED