Upgrading and Switching to MAC

I currently have Cubase 7 on my PC. I have a dongle for that version. I just bought a MAC and want to upgrade to Cubase 10.5 Pro AND switch to the MAC. Is this possible to do? Or do I have to download the whole new Cubase 10.5 version directly to the MAC? I was hoping to save a little by upgrading vs. new version.

Any help is appreciated. Thx!


Yes, it is possible to do so.

Upgrade your licence in the eLCC application on Windows or Mac already (you don’t have to install Cubase 7 to your Mac). Then download Cubase 10.5 Full Installer for Mac and install it.

You will save money for the upgrade, but not the HDD space, because you need the Full Installer.

Awesome thx so much!