Upgrading CPU....will this cause problems?

So…I’ve been fighting computer capacity problems for quite some time now, even after having my current computer built specifically for music production. I guess I should have know by the amount of money I spent that this one is not up to the task. I don’t think a lot of computer geeks are aware of just how demanding music production is. After doing a little research I learned that my CPU is a AMD FX-6300…which is apparently only equivalent to a middle of the road I-3 processor.

My question is this…what kind of misery am I potentially causing myself if I upgrade the CPU? Will this cause me endless licensing problems etc? Or will this be relatively painless? I’ve already upgraded the memory and that helped a little but obviously that isn’t the core problem and I don’t think I’ll ever be successful until this is adressed. I use a lot of plug-ins, etc and there is really no way around this.


If you own Cubase Pro or Artist, the license is stored at the USB-eLicenser. So you will not have any license change. If you own Cubase Elements/LE/AI, you might be asked to reactivate, which is quick process for 1 minute.