upgrading Cubase Elements 10 to Cubase Elements 10.5.2

I would be grateful if someone could help.

I have been using Cubase Elements 10 since last September.
Recently Cubase Elements 10 started to crash, so I decided to install the latest upgrade of Elements, i.e. 10.5.2

I downloaded the upgrade, however when i installed the upgrade, Cubase would not let me start up, as it asked for

I had previously installed the E Licence for cubase 10.5, and updated the E-licence software to latest version.
So, i believe i have done all that i can, but Cubase Elements 10.5.2 will not start.

I also looked on the Steinberg Shop for the cost of an activation code for the upgrade from Elements 10 to Elements 10.5.2
As In a recent article on the upgrades, the article mentioned that an upgrade from ELements 10 to 10.5.2 was available at a cost of $20
Which i would be willing to pay if necessary.

However, I could not find one available.

The only upgrade that i could find to buy was the buy from scratch price. Which i don’t particularly want to pay.
Especially as the only reason why i need to buy the Upgrade is because the Upgrade is presently crashing.

I use Elements because that i use only the main features, and use UAD, Native Instruments and ToonTrack plug-ins.

So any idea of how i can get my upgrade to work?


Cubase 10.5 is paid update.

Hello, thanks for your reply.
i was wondering however if there is link to the paid update 10.5.2 from Elements 10 to Elements 10.5.2

is the paid update, literally that
or do i have to buy the same software all over again at full price?
making it less of a paid update but a completely new purchase


It’s an update with reduced price. Here you can find the update. It’s for 19.99€.