Upgrading Cubase

How do I upgrade to Cubase Pro 10.5 from Pro 9.5? Is there a download link somewhere? I can’t seem to find the price either!

Is it possible to keep Pro 9.5 on my system and simply install Pro 10.5. Then I can use 9.5 on my older projects, and 10.5 on my new work?


In the Steinberg shop it’s there, I just checked. $159.99 (I am in the U.S.A.). The programs are completely separate installations so you can keep both installed. The Steinberg Download Assistant should have them for download.

Thanks Jaslan. Is the Download Assistant a user-friendly app? I dont want to screw up my nicely configured PC!


Aren’t the updates on sale these days?

yes, the download app is actually pretty handy, just make sure to set your preferred download path before you start or suddenly you C drive could be full pretty quickly :slight_smile:

The 10.5 update installs independently from your 9.5 installation so you could work in both versions if you want to.

Sounding good - thanks.

VST plug-ins: I use VSL with Vienna Ensemble, Vienna Suite, Omnisphere, Kontakt, Stylus etc etc. If I keep Cubase 9.5 Pro and do a new 10.5 Pro install, how will my existing VST plugins talk to 10.5?

Will my 9.5 template work in 10.5?


I would wait just a bit longer. Right now Steinberg are doing sales on Upgrades and I expect, as it has been previous years, that the Update sales will come shortly after and no later than summer.

-Yes your templates will still work and most likely your old 9.5 projects will open just fine in 10.5.

-Your vst plugins doesn’t talk to Cubase like that. Just make sure your new Cubase version will scan the folders where your plugins are installed and they should work just fine as long as they are updated and are 64bit versions.

Thanks KHS. Useful.

Updates? Upgrades? I’m looking for an upgrade from 9.5 Pro to 10.5 Pro. Has that sale started?


Updates are a newer version, such as 9.5 Pro to 10.5 Pro. Upgrades are a higher tier version, such as 9.0 Elements to 9.0 Pro. Sales can be as much as 50% off. As far as waiting, I have no idea when a sale would be and whether it is worth waiting for. I do think they are a little behind or off schedule now, though. For example, it seems like an Absolute VST update is overdue. Anyway, hope the information is helpful.

Very useful - thanks. Will it be easy to write a new work in 10.5 Pro and then the next day open an older work in 9.5 Pro (where it was first written) to tweak it for a client?

Yes it would. But you should also have no problems opening the older work in the new version.

Beware!!! I just upgraded to 10.5 Pro two weeks ago…

Previously on my system I had 5 Essentials, 8 Artist, 9 Artist and 10 Artist. Music produced in each of these versions did not move into newer versions easily, some would not move across at all due to a such things as dropping support for 32 bit VST’s (Pianissimo and others). Other things changed across versions, which is why it was great that Cubase always installed as a fresh installation so we could keep running the older versions, which we’d paid for.

BUT!!! Now I have discovered it is not only 10.5 that is pro!! All except 5 have been upgraded to Pro! And when I start them, they all tell me they can’t find a whole lot of stuff that forms part of the original installations and associated projects!!!

How do I fix this??? Hundreds of projects…

You probably just need to tell those Cubase versions where those VST files are… When they upgraded, they probably just reset the preferences which contain the paths to the plug-ins.

First of all try posting useful info and tell people what some of that „whole lot of stuff“ that is missing is…

That’s useful - thanks very much.