Upgrading Dorico 1 to 2

I notice that the upgrade option apparantly is available only as a download. I presume this is because it actually would an upgrade to my current Dorico 1.1 files. Since my DSL speed is significantly slower than cable service, I must plan ahead for large, time consuming downloads.

Can someone provide an estimate of how big the upgrade is? Could the upgrade installer be downloaded to a system with faster internet connection and then transfered to my home computer?

Thanks for any related info.


The Dorico 2 application installer is around 300MB, while the HSSE3 installer is about 1.9GB. You don’t need to install the 6GB HSO installer, as that’s unchanged since Dorico 1.

When I upgrade to Dorico 1 to Dorico 2 without downloading the HSO installer, will the upgrade “know” where the current HSO data are? Also, will Dorico 1 be changed to Dorico 2 or will Dorico 1 remain usable in its current state?


Dorico 2 will install as Dorico 2, leaving your Dorico 1 installation untouched. In other words, they will both work on your computer, independently of each other. So, Dorico doesn’t technically get updated to 2 since it’s treated as a separate installation.

According to my experience, yes. I haven’t actually checked it out but I strongly assume that the HSO stuff is stored in some specific central directory to which all Steinberg applications have access automatically.

I just downloaded and installed the Dorico1 to Dorico2 upgrade, using the provided Download Assistant, which is nicely organized. As Daniel pointed out, it isn’t necessary to download the 6GB “Dorico Playback 2 - Orchestra Library”. The installer does indeed know where to find the (so far unchanged) Dorico1 version, which is very helpful to those of us with slow internet service.

I do advise that when you go through purchasing procedure you write down or print the given 48 character Activation Code, which you’ll need to get permission to run Dorico 2 and which I didn’t see displayed subsequently.


P.S. By the way, I like that we now can playback individual instrument lines simply by highlighting them (a single bar will do.)

That used to be possible in Dorico 1 already. And you don’t even need to select a whole bar, just two selectable items of a system selected will already trigger individual playback. Also, just in case this wasn’t already meant in your statement, you can play back a group of players/staves by selecting items just in these staves; the other ones will be muted then.

HALion Symphonic Orchestra (HSO) and Sonic SE have their own installer routines and function as VST plugins (other plugin types supported as well). They are somewhat separate from Dorico. One can remove or install Dorico without touching HALion, and vice verse.

In fact, you can use these HALion instruments with other DAWs besides Dorico provided you have the most up to date versions properly installed, and your Dorico eLisencer stuff is active on said system.

If you still have Sonic SE 2 installed, it can be updated for free to Sonic SE 3. Simply run the SE3 installer and it will update things. You will NOT need the free key they send you via email since your Dorico key already covers it.

I’m not sure if it was installed with Dorico, but a simple plugin exists to host individual HSO instruments per instance in any DAW. Since I already had HSO, the plugin has long been on my system. With Sonic 3 SE, you don’t really need it, as Sonic 3 SE hosts HSO content just as well (better really). If you need the simple HSO plugin, I think it can be extracted from here. If it’s not an option in the installer, check the extras folders.