Upgrading: Essentials 5 or Artist 6?

Hi guys,

I’m looking to Upgrade from LE, seeing as quite frankly it does nothing.
Having assessed the options, I reckon I can afford either:

Cubase Essentials 5- around £110
Cubase Artist 6- around £240

I’m going to be using it from recording songs in audio, which i’d want to edit, and creating whole backing tracks in MIDI. I’ve read reviews of both from expertreviews.co.uk and looked at this: http://www.steinberg.net/en/products/cubase/cubase6_feature_comparison0.html but as one is an older product, there’s no direct comparisons anywhere.

Can anyone advise me as to which is the better buy? Obviously if I bought 5 I’d have spare cash for more equipment, but do the improvements of 6 make it worth the cash?

I would have considered Studio 5 but can’t find it for sale any more.

Thanks all.

Cubase elements 6 is about to be released,there’s a detailed comparison at the bottom.