Upgrading Expansions etc. to be dongleless

Having installed C12, I merrily tossed my dongle away (only figuratively fortunately!) I then found that my drum style expansion packs were not licensed. I did try relicensing in SDA (being a blindly clicking sort of person) but abandoned ship when it all looked to be going back to where it started.

What’s the plan or have I missed something?

Like so many who upgraded, I was expecting a dongle-less experience with C12. That’s one of the reasons I upgraded. GA5 and the drum expansion packs that I have still require the Dongle. I hope this gets fixed soon. While others have mentioned that Steinberg was pretty clear about how C12 was getting rid of the dongle (major feature), they neglected to say that it would still be required for most of their other products. I’m not happy about this.