Upgrading from 9 to 9.5: pre/post fader divisor problem


I just upgraded my cubase from version 9 to 9.5. Now when I open any of my old sessions created on cubase 9, all my inserts on slots 7 and 8 on all channels suddenly became post fader. I couldn’t find any kind of preference setting to set the default position of the pre/post fader divisor to be between slot 8 and slot 9 (that way all my sessions would open up fine since there was an 8 slot limit for plugins per channel).

Any suggestion on how to fix that instead of having move the divisor manually on all channels on every session?


I came across a video on youtube that suggested that prior to Cubase 9.5, the 8 plugin slots had a fixed configuration for pre and post faders in the following manner: slots 1 to 6 were always pre fader, and slots 7 and 8 were always post fader. If that is so, then it would make sense to have the default position of the pre/post fader divisor introduced on cubase 9.5 being exactly between slots 6 and 7. If this information is confirmed, than there was never an issue on the first place. Can anyone confirm this?

You are correct but it wouldn’t make sense as you now have 16 plugin slots instead of 8 and most people including myself will mostly be using pre fader slots for the majority of the plugins we are using as in we dont wanna change behavior of a plugin just because we want to raise or lower the volume of a given track by moving the fader.

Also as on older Cubase the division did occur before the last 2 plugin slots which is the same in the new Cubase version, just that the last 2 plugin slots are now 15 and 16 instead of 7 and 8.

You know that you can hover the mouse pointer over the green divider line then click it and drag it to where you want it ?

But if they did set the default position of the divisor between slots 14 and 15, everyone opening sessions created on older versions would suddenly have their plugins on slots 7 and 8 change from post-fader (the default on older versions) to pre-fader.


Cubase 9.5 loads the inserts as saved in the previous version. Indeed, slots 1-6 were pre-fader, while 7-8 post.
Here you find a picture of a Cubase 8.5.20 project loaded in Cubase 9.5: Steinberg Forums

So, if you create a new project in 9.5, the inserts are: 1-14 pre-fader and 15-16 are post-fader.
When loading a project saved in a previous version, like in the pic posted, 1-6 are pre-fader and 7-16 are post-fader (meaning you need to manually adjust the green divider if you want to use more pre-fader slots).

I hope this helps - if you see anything different, please post a picture.

Thank you!

Indeed and/or right click on a plugin slot and select “Last pre fader” insert.

Thanks Fabio, that clarified things!

Just updated from 8.5 and all my past projects are messed up from this. Please tell me there is a global command to set all tracks last prefader position ? Some of my templates are 5/600 tracks big.

Nice the shift alt to change all of the tracks default slot works as well.