Upgrading From AI Elements to 10 Pro.

Hi, I recently bought the Cubase 10 Pro UPGRADE from AI Elements 9. I received the USB elicenser via mail, and have plugged it into my computer. However in the elicenser control centre, under ‘licenses’ when the USB is selected, there is only blank space. I have tried on another macbook (I’m on OSX 10.14.3 Mojave), but the result is the same. I have reinstalled the elicenser a few times but keep getting the same result.

I uninstalled elements 9, but the key is still visible in the control centre. Also, when I enter my activation code for Cubase 10 Pro, it won’t let me select any of my existing keys to upgrade.

I’m really not sure whats going on and I’m slightly new to Cubase… Any help would be appreciated thanks.

Hi and welcome,

The USB-eLicenser doesn’t contain the license. You got an Activation Code via email.

  1. Transfer your Cubase Elements 9 license to the USB-eLicenser. You have to do this at the computer, where your Cubase Elements is registered. In eLCC application just drag and drop the license to the USB-eLicenser.

  2. Now you can activate your upgrade at any computer. Just click to Enter Activation Code and type the upgrade Activation Code you got by email. Cubase Pro license will be downloaded to your USB-eLicenser.

Now your Cubase Pro is activated and you can start it at any computer where Cubase Pro is installed and where the Usb-eLicneser is plugged to.