Upgrading from an OEM/3rd-party-bundled license to direct purchase?

Howdy –

I originally purchased SpectraLayers via a Samplitude suite bundle; Magix is now proposing an upgrade to that bundle which will include SpectraLayers 9 upon its release.

Thing is, I’ve switched away from Windows, and Samplitude doesn’t support MacOS X; thus, SpectraLayers is the only part of the bundle I actually have any use for! It seems silly to have the bulk of my purchase price go to a company other than the folks building the tools I find actually useful.

If I want to upgrade from an OEM/bundled SpectraLayers 8 to a direct purchase of SpectraLayers 9, is there likely to be a competitively discounted means to do so, or am I better off sticking with Magix as the purchase route?

You should be able to buy the upgrade from SL8 to SL9 with your SL8 license. You may have to activate your SL9 license on the PC where you had your SL8 license though, before activating SL9 on your mac.

Sounds like SpectraLayers 9 is releasing very soon… :face_with_peeking_eye:



The video is now at:

Availability: 29 June.

20% discount for all new purchases and updates until 21 July.

SpectraLayers 9 uses Steinberg Licensing - and IMHO looks great.

New features look great. I wonder if there will be a grace period. Still didn’t activate my update to version 8.

If you wait until Spectralayers 9 is released, I would expect your Spectralayers 8 code to activate Spectralayers 9.

You are probably right. Still, would be nice to have official confirmation. Well, we’ll see.