Upgrading from Artist 12 to Pro 12

Hello there –

I purchased Cubase Artist 12 over a month ago, but today I purchased the upgrade to Pro 12. I’ve downloaded the install package through the SDA, but it doesn’t seem to actually upgrade my installation.

I’ve tried installing the Pro version on top of the previous Artist install, which didn’t work. Next, I went with uninstalling the Artist version, and then installing Pro – again, didn’t work. I then tried uninstalling the Artist version via the Windows app system tool, then installing Pro, but again – when I launch the application it still shows as Artist.

Not sure how to proceed here. Am I missing a step, or is there at least a document I can refer to that will walk me through the upgrade steps appropriately? I have no qualms about losing older projects – I’m new to Cubase with this version, and have only just started creating my template.

Thanks in advance!

You must enter your upgrade access code into the download manager. It will then take you through the process in the activation manager and you will be upgraded. Make sure to restart your computer after the upgrade.

If you mean the “Download Access Code” from the Order Confirmation email, I did that and was able to see “Cubase Pro 12” activated in the “My product downloads” section of the SDA.

I downloaded the “Cubase Pro 12.0.30 - Application” zip file, unzipped it, ran the setup as described in my original post, and restarted after each attempt. The results were as I stated, which is that when I launched the program after each attempt, it was still the Artist version.

I even re-downloaded the Pro application from the SDA two additional times, just to be certain – still no success.

Did I miss something?

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Did you run the Steinberg Activation Manager since upgrading? This is the part that matters since Cubase Artist and Cubase Pro are based on the same download, it’s the license you have that defines which features are available.

See if it lists Cubase Pro as available. If it is and Cubase still runs as Cubase Artist, try deactivating the license then clicking Activate again. Note that you can reactivate licenses like this as many times as needed, so you don’t have to worry about “wasting” deactivations.

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Ah, that was it – my bad. Thank you for pointing it out!