Upgrading from Cubase 11 Pro to Cubase 12 Pro

Hello! I have a question, if I purchased Cubase 11 pro on 07/10/2021, as I understand it, I will not receive an update to version 12 pro? It’s just very disappointing if not, if I knew in advance what this would be, I would buy Cubase 11 pro after November 10, 2021! during the grace period (((


The purchase date doesn’t matter. The first activation date matters. If you activated your license 09/11/2021 and later, you are allowed to get Cubase 12 for free, once it’s out.

It’s like this (+/- few days) for many years with Steinberg already.

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It is clear, as I understood, Cubase 12 does not shine for me since I activated the license 07/10/2021(((

Then there is the second question, is it possible now, on pre-order, to buy an upgrade to Cubase 12 with an 80% discount? And will there be interesting upgrade options for people like me? If not, then I think to stay on Cubase 11! Think
Steinberg does not want to lose its customers who have Cubase 11 (((We just bought Cubase 11, but did not fall under the grace period, having paid money for Cubase 11, still pay for the update, I think many will not want to, like me (((. Steinberg is it possible to somehow solve this, and give us an answer! We also want Cubase 12! At least if they made an update for Cubase 11 owners with an 80% discount, then I think I would update right now, and many other Cubase 11 users with me! It’s just free for someone who fell under the grace period, but like us, at least with an 80% discount !!! And I think everyone would be happy and would be happy to upgrade to version 12 !))) And even better to do so, who bought or updated during 2021 to the Cubase 11 version, as the program came out, the upgrade to Cubase 12 is free, and then for sure, no one will be offended!))) Very eager to hear Steinberg staff reply to my message! And I’m waiting for the support of people like me!

I’m not a Steinberg employee, but I’ll bet the update price to C12 will be a good deal. Won’t know till the release though.


No, I’m sorry, this is not possible. Now you can buy Cubase 11 only.

I believe the price will be in the same range, as it is now. So in your case, it would be +/- the same price as the update from Cubase Pro 10.5 to Cubase Pro 11, at this moment (without the discount) is. …As I guess.

I understand that Steinberg does not respond to such messages that I wrote? Maybe someone knows where to write to them so that they can see it)))


You can always ask at the official Steinberg support platform.

But I wouldn’t expect Steinberg (actually any company) would share price policy publicly in advance.

I always wait for reactions…I then buy the new version IF I need it on sale.

I usually update, like, every 3 versions or so? I’m not trying to learn little details over and over. SO you will probably be fine on 11 until you are ready to upgrade to 14 or something.

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If you had bought 4 days before the cut off this would have been a more legit complaint.

4 months… Just stop it, and go make music.

@Trensharo Excuse me, of course, I understand that you are very smart, and write what you think is smart words!, But then answer one simple question, how is the person who bought Cubase 11 different from me during the grace period, for the same money and me too? We paid the same, and the conditions for the update should be the same! Or, as I wrote above, let me buy Cubase 12 before ordering, with a good discount, and that would be good, and not as offensive as it is now))) I want to tell you that I have been working with Cubase for over 20 years, and write music all day long, and believe me, there is something to write, and to whom to write! And now I am working while I am writing to you))), and I am writing this not because there is nothing to do, but simply have questions !, to which I would like to hear answers from the company!)))

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Grace period kicks in close to the release of a new version. Steinberg is making exceptions due to a delay caused by the move to the new licensing system. Cubsse releases are usually around now. Even if it weren’t delayed, you are like 2 months put of the normal grace period. Steinberg has been fairly consistent with release windows. This is not a new product on the market.

Dorico user who brought during the last sale have the same situation.

I’m not writing like I’m smart. I’m writing like I wouldn’t expect a freebie for a purchase I made 4 months before the announcement of a new version which still would have fallen far put of the grace period if the release weren’t delayed at all.

That is beyond unreasonable. Comical, really.

Your discount for Cubase 12 is the far lower upgrade price anyone else who bought in June or July would pay.

Bro, I understand your frustration, I activated mine on October 27 just to find out I could wait till Novemeber 9, this whole grace period thing is unjust.


So how would a just grace period work?

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Same as Black Friday, Cyber Monday and every single sale? From my point of view, it’s very kind from Steinberg to offer the upcoming license for free.


Well, no shit lol.
At 80% discount I’d pay up front for 10 years of paid updates if I could lol.

Question is, Why an earth would they even do that!?

In order to support our clients !, who have been working with this company for more than a dozen years!)))

Personally, I have been working in Cubase since 2000)))

Do you give your clients 80% discount on your services then? Trying to get my head around this business model.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d LOVE it. Just can’t work out the sense in it, that’s all. :slight_smile: