upgrading from cubase 4

have been using Cubase 4 on windows xp now for many years - thinking of upgrading to either 10 pro or 10 agent but with new PC and interface. am using focusrite at moment with focusrite ISA TWO pre amp.

my problem is that I am a technophobe and am useless at installing software etc, nothing ever seems to go right (paid someone to do it all last time) - so my question is, should I get a new PC and interface and Cubase and install myself or is it possible to but the whole thing all installed and ready to use? or are the new versions easier to handle?

any suggestions would be welcome

Installing from scratch is very easy. You download the Steinberg software manager and then download the products you have licenses to through that and click on install. You might have to copy and paste the registration number from your purchase receipt email to set up the dongle licenser.

As JackJack said, it’s relatively easy compared to the olden days.

With Cubase, be careful with location settings. Do know what you are saving and where it’s going to be saved. I believe the defaults are always everything to C drive and that usually is not what you want to do. All of this can be re-set after installation with Steinberg Library manager, however it’s not quite as clear or easy as making sure you do it right the first time.

If you have any 3rd party interface issues, everyone on the planet knows Cubase, and can give clear advice.

Going from Cubase 4 to Cubase 10.5…enjoy the ride. :laughing:

many thanks for the replies, very useful, and yes Im pretty sure from 4 to 10 will be somewhat of a culture shock…!!

ive seen a couple of places where they build a PC install Cubase 10 and also install a Steinberg interface for around £1600.00 would this be a decent option or would I be better off doing it myself…?

Hi, I was on Cubase 5 forever on a dedicated windows XP machine. I upgraded a couple years ago to an Macbook Pro, Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt and Cubase 10 (now on 10.5.0) and I really think you would like the change. To me, 10.5.0 is really good release and you can tweek to colors to be what you would be comfortable with. I really wasn’t a mac guy but it works just great for my needs. The thing about my old setup is I miss the wireless remote I had with the Frontier Tranzport but now I just use a USB keypad and works great. Apogee Ensemble is great but today I would seriously consider UAD. They have caught up to mac USB-C that would be an good option.

And based on what should anyone in here know, if you are can do it yourself or not? :unamused:
Since you´re still not sure yourself, you can do it, you should probably let someone else do it for you…
If £1600.00 is a decent option would in the first case depend on what interface, and what computer parts are used. Again difficult to tell.