Upgrading from Cubase 7 AI

Hi. Last night I paid $50 to upgrade from Cubase 7 AI to the full version elements, because I wanted to use groove agent one (amongst other things). I downloaded the file online and then reinstalled everything. After an hour or two I figured out that I was still running AI. In short I went to check my purchase and saw I upgraded with the wrong package. Instead of selecting “Cubase AI 6/7” I selected “Cubase LE 6/7.” I’m assuming this is the reason why I’m still running AI and not the full elements version.

My question is; is there any way to contact Steinberg to tell them of the wrong purchase? Also,does the wrong download matter? Shouldn’t I still be able to complete the update? Thanks.

You probably need to contact Asknet support and ask them for a refund to buy the correct upgrade.

I spoke to them and got a refund. I have now downloaded the correct one. How do I install the upgrade correctly?