Upgrading from cubase 8.5 to 10

If you take the upgrade path, is there a way of having both a working 8.5 and 10 on the same pc?
Ie does it create a new instance and will both versions be licensed
I have older projects still using 32bit vst and so want to continue with a working version if possible


Thanks…and just double checking…that it is for using the upgrade 8.5 to 10 option rather than buying a new full v10?

The new license (10.5) will replace the old. The new license will allow you to use older versions (8.5). Your 8.5 installation will be unaffected. 10.5 will install as a new and separate program.

Thanks all…
So i can copy my 8.5 Vstplugins folder to under v10 i guess…some of the 32bit ones will no longer work of course and off we go…cool

You shouldn’t need to copy anything from one location to another. Just “point” Cubase 10(.5) to the location, if necessary.

Also, ALL 32-bit plugins are no longer supported.

Hallo, wer kann mir hier weiterhelfen. Ich war aus gesundheitlichen Gründen sehr lange nicht mehr hier. Ich möchte gerne ein Upgrade von 8.5 auf 11 Pro machen. Wie gehe ich vor?
Danke für eine nette Antwort.

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