Upgrading from Cubase 8 AI to Cubase 11 AI?


Sorry for the stupid question but does anyone know if it’s possible to directly upgrade from Cubase 8 AI to 11 AI? I only found an option to upgrade to Elements but not AI.

I’m only asking cause I just got the new Macbook Pro with Mac OS Monterey and would need the 11 version to make it compatible. I don’t really need Elements as everything I need to do AI will be good for so just wanted to double check this before buying the Elements one.

Thanks very much in advance if someone can help me, much appreciated.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

If I’m not mistaken, you should be able to find this update under your MySteinberg account.

Thanks for the reply! The only thing I could find under my account was just the Cubase 8 AI download link though, nothing about an update. :thinking:

I would have thought you would need to upgrade to Elements if you are on AI.