upgrading from cubase ai 7

Im new here and I am sorry if this has already been discussed. (I have made a search.)

Having just bought a ur44 I got cubase ai 7 for free. I liked it and bought the upgrade to cubase 7 on a 60% discount. Not much money and so far so good.
The problems:

  1. When I run the installer (I use a mac) that I downloaded from the link I got the only thing I can install is cubase ai 7.
    – I thought this might just be that the upgrade unlocks features in the au-program I already have, but:

  2. The program is still named ai le 7, but;

  3. when I open it, and read the news in the the steinberg hub, I am asked if I am convinced by my cubase 7-trial and if I want to buy it!!
    – I have gone through the idiotically procedures in the eLicenser: copying and pasting the code that I got in the mail when I bought the upgrade. But still;

  4. the program both thinks that I am running a trial version of 7 AND that it is a le ai 7 that I am running!

I didn’t like Apples Logic pro much (my son uses apples logic and propeller heads reason) and this was cheaper since I got it with the ur 44. But I know for sure that you never have problems like this when you buy and install apples programs. Is this what I can expect from steinberg?

If anyone could help me and convince me that steinberg is in fact a good company to buy stuff from I would be very grateful.

If you bought an upgrade to Cubase from AI, I imagine you are getting a box delivered, because in order to use Cubase, as opposed to Cubase AI, you need a physical USB elicenser, which comes in the box. So even if you have Cubase 7.5 installed it would not run, and it would complain about there being no license.

Incidentally . the installers are publicly available at http://www.steinberg.net/index.php?id=downloads_cubase_75&L=1

Scroll down to “Cubase 7.5 - Complete Installation”

Thank you for your reply. It turns out that no new file was needed and that I only locked up features in the file I had. It is still named AI… but it runs as 7. Not the best solution, but it works.

I’m not sure that I would be content with ‘it works, but…’ Obviously there is still something wrong there, and later on you may discover that there are other unexplained problems. Is your e- licenser showing the correct version? If it is, why not follow the uninstall procedure provided by Steinberg, remove everything Cubase related on your computer, and then do a fresh install using the files linked by Steve? It appears you still have remnants of AI remaining somewhere at present.

Since it’s working now, I think he is actually refering to Cubase Elements, which does share its app package with AI and LE.