Upgrading from Cubase AI to elements

Hi, I have a question about upgrading Cubase AI… I purchased an UR44 and have Cubase AI free for download. I only installed Cubase tools, drivers and elicenser control program for now.
But yesterday I purchased the Elements upgrade offer, and I’ve downloades (about 15gb), with download manager.
I don’t want to install Cubase AI and then upgrade to Elements… Can I install directly Cubase Elements?
For Cubase AI, I have only the “download code” that comes with the interface.
Many thanks

Hi and welcome,

Cubase AI and Cubase Elements are the same installers/executables. So it’s enough to install only one of them.

In your MySteinberg account use the Download Access Code to get an Activation Code. Activate your Cubase AI in the eLCC application. Then in the eLCC application activate the Cubase Elements upgrade.

Many thanks for your help… I will try today.