Upgrading from cubase artist 12 edu to cubase pro 12 edu


I purchased Cubase Artist edu version, as a Berklee student. I would like to upgrade to pro version at the same discount as the Berklee student.

Can you please help me how to that?



Steinberg does not offer educational discounts on upgrades and updates, only on outright purchases. Moreover, Cubase 13 has now been released.

You will need to buy Cubase 13 Pro upgrade from Cubase Artist 12:

  • Go to the Cubase page
  • Press Buy Cubase
  • Press Buy Cubase Pro 13
  • Press Updates and Upgrades
  • Press Upgrade from Cubase Artist 12 (about halfway down the page)

Unfortunately, the price of doing this is only slightly less than a new Cubase Pro 13 educational licence, though you will get a full licence for Cubase Pro 13 that you can use for commercial work or sell.

You can use Cubase Pro 12 with a Cubase Pro 13 licence if you wish.

Hey there. Did you manage to get an upgrade? If not please let me know what you would expect to pay for an edu upgrade and I’ll match the price on a complete full version of Cubase pro 12 as I simply need money to fly to Europe from Australia to see my daughter.
Thank you.