Upgrading from Cubase Artist 12 to Cubase Pro 12

Do I have reload all my third-party plugins when upgrading from Cubase Artist 12 to Cubase Pro 12? I’ll be upgrading on the same PC. I just went through the process of loading all my plugins on my new PC with Cubase Artist 12. I just purchased the Cubase Pro 12 upgrade and I’d hate to have to do it all again! I hope someone can help!

Should be fine

Hi. Have you made a similar upgrade?

No but every time I update it’s fine. When moving from version 11 to 12 it is a totally new install but all my plugins still appear in 12. It’s always been the same so I can’t see there being a difference in upgrading within a version. I actually thought that that upgrade just enables the new features.

Thanks. That sounds very reassuring! I really can’t handle doing that plugin business again :wink: