Upgrading from Cubase artist 9 to 10.5 pro

Hello I just purchased my upgrade from cubase artist 9 to 10.5. Im having an issue to upgrade because it says I do not have any available license to upgrade. My eLicenser is updated. Reinstalled it few times but it didnt work. I dont know how to make this work. Please help. Thanks. :cry:

Hi and welcome,

Make sure you really own Cubase Artist 9 license in the eLCC application, please. Sometimes it happens, the user get higher Cubase version license thanks to Grace Period (let’s say Cubase Artist 9.5). Then he cannot use the Cubase Artist 9 to Cubase Pro 10.5 upgrade, because he needs Cubase Artist 9.5 to Cubase Pro 10.5 upgrade.