Upgrading from Cubase Elements 11 to Cubase Pro 11

I’m currently using Cubase Elements 11.
Recently, at start up, I decided to take advantage of the 40% discount on upgrading to Cubase Pro.
Did all the usual things, paid, received access code, updated the various download bits and pieces and downloaded Cubase Pro.
When I went to put in the activiation code at the very end, e-Licenser comes up with an error messagae saying I need a USB eLicense.
Never heard of it, never been mentioned before, can’t find anything about it.
Can anyone help with the issue I have?

It is frequently mentioned here under its more generic name - dongle. Both Artist and Pro need one - at least for now. Steinberg has announce plans to migrate to a new license system, but no timeline yet.

You can get one from the Steinberg online shop, or from a local music store

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Thanks for the response.
I’ll check my local store today.
I can recall the error message saying that I can simply drag and drop the eLicense onto the USB, but where do I find the actual eLicense to drag and drop?

Once you have the USB-eLicencer, you need to transfer (drag and drop) the Elements license onto it through the eLCC app. With the Elements license on the USB, you should be able to perform the upgrade to Pro.

Ok, thanks for that, will do it today.

I bought a dongle from my local shop, it’s all worked out, appears to be working fine.
Thanks to all who helped out, much appreciated.
Others who have worked exclusively with a soft e-license might also be surprised to learn that a dongle is required beyond Elements - so this thread might help others.

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