Upgrading from Cubase LE 5

I am wondering if upgrading from Cubase LE 5 to Cubase Artist 6.5 is possible on a Windows Visata computer.I am wondering if it wor smoothly, or I will have to upgrade to Windows 7?

My computer is windows vista and has 3 DDRam, so Overall it is ready to upgrade to windows 7 if need be. I will appreciate any input very much!

Also, why is Cubase studio 5 no longer being sold? As an amateur, I would rather get my feet wet with it that having to change all my gear and go through the troubles I currently see, then again, I may need to learn more.

Officially, Cubase 6 versions require Windows 7. Unofficially it works fine on Vista though :wink:
You can try finding a second hand license on Ebay or something similar for Studio 5, but there’s always a risk there of a scam.

Thank you very much for the info. hopefully it works I will be upgrading tonight!

But will I still need the e-license? Will it be compatible with the TASCAM US-144 MKII (Since this interface gave me Cubase LE 5)?


Yes, you will need to purchase a USB eLicenser to run Artist 6.5. I believe you need to transfer your LE 5 license from the soft eLicenser to the USB first.

After that you can upgrade the LE 5 license with your new Artist 6.5 activation code.

Your interface should work fine.